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“Helping Humanity Through Vision”

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HHTVfilm is the newest Exclusive Brand in Hollywood, CA.
with an Emerging FOCUS on ACTION / DRAMA / FANTASY / & ROM-COMs
“We work from Conception-to-Completion.”

STRATEGY: We are a small humble part of a much larger Network of #1000

Top Entertainment/Media/Creative Veterans & Financial Professionals.

Our Main Strength is found in our Artistic Respect and Strong Relationships
established since our days of working with Legends like James Brown,
Miles Davis, etc. & later on Oscar Award Winning projects.


Full Production House with Full Crew
(All Positions available within 48 hrs.)
Red, Alexa, Black Magic, Drones (4K Cameras)
& All Equipment at our Studio Complex.


We deal directly with the Top Agents/Agencies (plus A&B-List Friends).



*New COMEDY Movie in L.A (SAG & Non-SAG)

*New Thriller Movie in L.A. (SAG & Non-SAG)

*New ACTION Movie in L.A. (SAG & Non-SAG)



We work with many different distributors, from indie to major.
Lions Gate, Paramount, Sony, X-Pac
Theaters, DVD, TV, Roku, Netflix, Hulu, Comcast, etc.

(Foreign & Domestic, with a Global Focus)



We do Film Financing in 3 basic ways:

1) Private Investors  2) Film friendly Banks  3) Film finance companies

Publicity photo for the Hollywoodland groundbreaking, complete with plow, mules and surveyors. From the book, 'The Hollywood Sign' by Leo Braudy. Published by Yale University Press. Courtesy of the Bruce Torrence Collection/Hollywood Sign Trust


“We have a Heavy Focus on constantly re-inventing & innovating New Ideas,
Strategies, Tools & Techniques to most effectively Lead Markets.”
Top Hollywood PR & Billboards, TV, Radio, Print, Online & Street Team Promo.
+ Top Product Placement Teams to secure Sponsors/Brands for all Projects.


We are based in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, & Valencia, CA.
Email: HHTVdirector@yahoo.com | @HHTVonline on Twitter


*Please see our PAST WORKS: MOVIES2

HHTV badge 2015